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Abstract: With the development of technology, through the complementary interaction among operations, operation effectiveness can non-linearly increase and realize fissional and exponential effect. In order to realize dynamic convergence, it is necessary to carry out the action, information and energy unified design. From the antagonism view, taking into account the factors such as the purpose of the operation, the strength of the operation, the conditions of the operation, and so on, the joint operation is divided into the preorder action/ state, the major operational action, the counter-action, the response action, and the branch action, which is synthesized to major operation, operating scenario and branch operation. In operation design, the "main line" of battlefield is formed by the major operational action of attack and defense, and the "part line" is formed by battle scene, and the "condition" is formed by branch actions from different professional fields. Through the structural understanding, all operations are labeled from design to operation.

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TP391.9; E0-03

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Wen Rui. A Structured Conceptual Model of Joint Operations From Design Perspective[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2202-2211.