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Abstract: Air distribution simulation and thermal comfort evaluation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design of large space buildings is of great significance for the human thermal comfort improvement and the energy consumption reduction. By combining the steady analysis based on RANS and the transient analysis of large eddy simulation (LES), an air distribution simulation and thermal comfort evaluation process in large space buildings is established. Due to the low calculation consumption, the steady analysis based on RANS is conducted to efficiently evaluate the thermal comfort and the air quality under multiple working conditions. Considering the high computational consumption of LES, the transient analysis is conducted only under typical working condition. In this way, the entire process of air conditioning and the time required for the indoor temperature to reach the set temperature can be obtained. The process is important for the optimization of air conditioning operation strategy and energy saving. The accuracy of RANS and LES based on experimental results are verified, and the application of the methods used in the practical engineering projects is introduced, which can provide reference for other engineering projects.

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TP399; TU831.3

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Zhang Shen, Cheng Ming, Wang Yifan, et al. Air Distribution Simulation and Comfort Evaluation of Large Space Building Based on RANS and LES[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2212-2222.

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Cheng Ming