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Abstract: In the military Internet of Things (IoT) combat environment, the location privacy issue becomes a key challenge. An innovative location privacy protection scheme based on zero-knowledge proof is proposed to ensure that in unreliable communication channels, the location information of combat units can be verified without revealing their specific coordinates, so as to achieve the goal of protecting sensitive location information. Based on the idea of cryptography, by using zero-knowledge proof, through algebraic circuit, rank-1 constraint system(R1CS), quadratic arithmetic programs(QAP), and other steps, the position coordinate information proof problem is transformed into a point verification problem on a polynomial curve, and the position verification is completed in one round of the challengeresponse process. The simulation experiment is carried out, and the results verify the effectiveness of the scheme, which significantly improves the security of position information and has broad practical application value. The research results provide an innovative solution for security positioning in future military operations and further strengthen the security guarantee of military IoT operations.

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Shi Mingjie, Xie Chengyu, Zhang Chuanfu. Design and Simulation of a Location Privacy Protection Scheme Based on Zero-knowledge Proof for Military IoT[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2237-2248.

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Zhang Chuanfu