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Abstract: Informatization combat needs higher requirements for battlefield situational awareness, and the use of unmanned intelligences to conduct battlefield reconnaissance and perceive target information is particularly important. Facing the needs of complex dynamic environment localization and target recognition, a dynamic 3D scene perception system is proposed and constructed based on battlefield meta-universe target data and operational environment, which uses vision and IMU fusion sensor simulation data as inputs, extracts battlefield target information through instance segmentation and dense optical flow estimation network and uses it as a scene prior, and synchronizes the position estimation of unmanned intelligences in the battlefield with the tracking of battlefield targets during SLAM and optimization process. The experimental results show that the system is able to provide the sparse reconstruction of the scene and accurate localization of the unmanned intelligent body under the dynamic and complex environment of the battlefield, and continuously outputs the information of each battlefield target such as type, position, and speed, which shows the good accuracy and robustness, and provides technical support for the battlefield situational fusion and other modules.

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Wang Haoyu, Gong Guanghong, Cai Jihong, et al. Dynamic 3D Scene Perception Based on Battlefield Metaverse[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2262-2278.

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Li Ni