Journal of System Simulation


Abstract: Based on an existing equivalent modeling method for individual wind farm, an iterative simulation-based equivalent modeling method for wind power clusters is proposed and a software development for equivalent modeling of wind power clusters is completed by using CloudPSS-XStudio suite. The system integrates expected fault selection, equivalent parameter calculation and result analysis, which provides support for dynamic security assessment of power systems with large-scale wind power clusters. The equivalent method takes the average wind speed of each wind farm and the expected faults as input, and obtains the cluster index of each wind turbine based on the iterative simulation of the equivalent model. Moreover, the clustering equivalent model is formed based on the cluster index. The correctness of the method is verified based on the example of IEEE 39-node system integrated with wind power cluster.

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Li Dongsheng, Liu Ye, Song Yankan, et al. Electromagnetic Transient Equivalent Modeling Method for Wind Power Clusters Adapted to Expected Faults[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2101-2112.

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Shen Chen