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Abstract: With the accelerating digitalization in education, the construction of digital resources and application platforms has caught increasing attention. The framework of MRI equipment digital twin fivedimensional model is constructed to solve the problems in teaching and training for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A modeling and simulation method based on the mechanism model is proposed. The multi-dimensional physical data are obtained to perform digital human modeling, and the virtual acquisition and image reconstruction method is proposed to generate images. The digital twin data are adopted for iterative optimization to implement the whole process of the three-dimensional visual operation including preparation before inspection, coil selection, patient positioning, parameter setting, and image processing. Application verification is carried out based on the imaging sequences of spin echo, gradient echo, and echo planar. Driven by real-time data, the simulation results are consistent with the operation data of the physical equipment. This meets the needs of teaching training and auxiliary design and guarantees personalized and intelligent adaptive learning under massive teaching arrangements.

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Chen Shanshan, Wang Hongzhi, Xia Tian. Key Technology and Application of Digital Twin Modeling for MRI[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2122-2132.

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Wang Hongzhi