Journal of System Simulation


Abstract: Simulation testing is an important means to verify the functions of intelligent ships. Ship maneuvering motion modeling and simulation is the key theoretical basis for the intelligent collision avoidance of multiple vessels in complex sea areas. To address the problem that the calculation of the hydrodynamic coefficients required for ship maneuvering modeling is complex and difficult to obtain, a hybrid empirical method is proposed, a combination method of the existing regression methods is established, the comprehensive performance indicators are constructed, the optimal hydrodynamic coefficients groups are selected by simulated maneuvering experiments, and a rapid modeling program code is developed based on MATLAB. The results show that, under limited ship parameters the proposed method can efficiently, conveniently, and automatically generate the maneuvering motion model of a given ship. The method is of important engineering practical significance for the simulation testing and verification of intelligent ships.

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Wu Peng, Yang Zongmo, Jing Qianfeng, et al. A Hybrid Empirical Method for Fast Modeling of Ship Manoeuvring Motion[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2150-2160.

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Yang Zongmo