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Abstract: The operating frequency band of modern communication and radar systems has extended to millimeter wave and terahertz frequency band, and the analysis on propagation characteristics of electromagnetic signals in rainy environment is important. A calculation model through Mie scattering theory is built to simulate the attenuation and the scattering of electromagnetic signals in rainy environments. Different types of raindrop size distribution function are adopted to analyze the propagation attenuation under different rainfall of frequencies spanning from 1 GHz to 1 THz. Experimental results are compared with international telecommunication union (ITU) half-empirical model to verify the validation of the model. Subsequently, the spatial distribution characteristics of the scattered electromagnetic signals are calculated under different rainfalls of the autonomous driving radar bands. The scattering characteristics of rainy environment are analyzed from two aspects, the signal attenuation and the spatial distribution characteristics of the scattered signal. The results show that the attenuation of 77 GHz signal is higher than 10 dB/km under heavy rain and rainstorm condition, which significantly reduces the signal propagation distance.

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Zou Mengfan, He Xiaoyu. Modeling and Analysis on Scattering Characteristics Automatic Driving Radar Bands in Rainy Environment[J]. Journal of System Simulation, 2023, 35(10): 2161-2169.

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He Xiaoyu